BDO is committed to reducing any negative impact of business on our environment. We recognise the need to implement fundamental changes to all business models because of climate change.

At BDO, we are committed to fighting against climate change and, at a Global level have a goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 or sooner, consistent with a maximum average global temperature rise of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. The standard United Nations (UN) World Commission on Environment & Development defines ‘environmental sustainability’ as about "acting in a way that ensures future generations have the natural resources available to live an equal, if not better, way of life as current generations." 

At BDO Ireland, we make conscious business choices to ensure our activities have the least possible detrimental effect on the environment. BDO will strive to continually improve environmental performance in our operations.



As of today, at BDO Ireland, we have:                                                                     

  • Implemented a recycling policy on all waste
  • Introduced a paper free environment
  • Supported World Environment Day and encouraged our staff to use Public Transport
  • Provided staff with Re-Usable Keep Cups and Waterbottles
  • Partnered with the Wren hotel in Dublin to encourage staff to stay at this net carbon venue