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Environmental, Social, and Governance

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At B D O, we recognise that our actions and the way we do business can have a profound impact on our society. Our world today faces a non-exhaustive list of issues that threaten the quality of our future: climate change, health crises, political instability,
a growing wealth gap. It is imperative that we analyse the environmental, social and governance (E S G) risks we expose ourselves to so that we can ensure sustainable success for businesses and the communities they operate in.

Our long-term goal: To establish systems and processes that support E S G issues.

This will require years of learning and hard work, but this does not deter us from acting now and creating value for our clients, our people and the world around us. We are committed to making consistent improvements and compounding incremental wins for the benefit of future generations.


We make conscious business choices to ensure our activities have the least possible detrimental effect on the environment. B D O will strive to continually improve environmental performance in our operations.

91,015 kilowatt hours saved between 2015–2019* the equivalent of 21,219 kilogram CO2e or 607 laptops running for 8 hours everyday for 365 days.

*Energy consumption at Beaux Lane House.

Year to December 2015: 550,146 kilowatt hours

Year to December 2016: 555,757 kilowatt hours +5,611

Year to December 2017: 535,289 kilowatt hours -20,468

Year to December 2018: 483,368 kilowatt hours -51,921

Year to December 2019: 459,131 kilowatt hours -24,237

Despite our increased headcount in recent years, we have been successful in reducing our energy usage. The growth of the firm did not lead to increased consumption.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and remote-working, 2020 saw a huge reduction in energy consumption in our offices. Post-COVID, we will continue to support an agile and flexible working environment which will enable a reduction in our carbon footprint.


We follow the highest standards of corporate governance to bring greater accountability within B D O.

Responsibilities are shared with a range of committees advocating for various issues to ensure a holistic and ethical approach to business growth.

Our Diversity & Inclusion (D & I) programme was established as an extension of our core values and is central to the success of B D O. The committee works across four key pillars including Cultural, L G B T Q +, Gender Balance, and Abilities. Our key objective for our D & I programme is to ensure that B D O is an open, respectful and inclusive environment for everyone. Our mission is to ensure that D & I becomes embedded within our firm’s culture and is evident in our day-to-day interactions both internally and externally in the market.

Diversity & Inclusion Pillars

Cultural: Celebrate and respect cultural differences.

L G B T Q + : Foster acceptance and good practice.

Gender Balance: Policies that support balance regardless of gender.

Abilities: Develop  awareness, enabling and empowering opportunities for all.

To ensure that B D O is an open, respectful and inclusive environment for everyone.


Nurturing our relationships with clients, employees and the wider community is essential to how we create a positive social impact. Our C S R policies place a significant emphasis on community and people. This means we take an active role in supporting the local community, and we empower our people to achieve personal growth and fulfilment.

150* budding entrepreneurs coached through workshops with Inner City Enterprises.

*based on participant lists from workshops carried out in October 2019, June 2019, February 2019, November 2018, July 2018. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, workshops were hosted virtually in October 2020 and March 2021.

Over €12,000* raised through initiatives from our C S R Committee.

*based on activities from Jan 2020 to Mar 2021.

E S G issues will continue to play a role in how businesses operate, and it is a positive development to see solidarity across various industries.

We are optimistic about our ability to do the right thing. In doing so, we will achieve the best outcomes for our business, our clients and our people.


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