Aircraft and aircraft parts are, by their very nature, high value goods, and consequently subject to complex and complicated regulations.

BDO have been providing professional services to the aviation industry in Ireland since the 1980s. What makes us different is our investment in the processes, systems and above all the people in our aviation finance advisory team.

Our team of dedicated specialists are on hand to assist you in creating operational efficiencies. We understand through our experience the complexities of aviation leasing transactions and the compliance requirements surrounding them. We can advise on the full suite of services to ensure compliance with complex legal and regulatory requirements and ever changing international laws.

Through our international network we have 1,803 offices in 164 countries worldwide. Our Aviation Finance team in Ireland can act as a single point of contact and liaise with local country teams in member firms globally to coordinate international queries.

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Key services to the aviation sector:


  • Corporation tax compliance.
  • Transaction support and advice.
  • Tax structuring.
  • Due diligence.
  • Executive and employee tax planning and compliance.


  • 公司税务
  • 应税交易
  • 税收结构
  • 尽责查证
  • 高管和员工税务规划


  • Acquisition, leasing and disposal of aircraft and related parts.
  • VAT check.
  • VAT compliance services and training.
  • Temporary outsourcing to assist with occasional assignments.


  • 飞机及相关部件的收购、租赁和处置
  • 增值税检查
  • 增值税合规服务和培训
  • 临时外包以协助偶尔的任务


  • Import/export customs clearance requirements.
  • Securing duty reliefs.
  • Temporary import procedures.
  • Discharging customs supervision.
  • Intra-EU transfers.
  • Determining the customs status of aircraft and parts.
  • Use of airworthiness certificates for duty suspensions.
  • Audit risks.
  • Supply chain reviews.
  • Securing comprehensive bonds and guarantees.
  • Drafting of contracts.
  • Export control requirements.

Outsourced financial accounting and payroll

  • Maintenance of books and records.
  • Preparation of monthly management accounts.
  • Accounts payables and Treasury support.
  • Technical accounting opinions.
  • Preparation of statutory financial statements.
  • iXBRL financial statement conversion.
  • Recruitment and placement of staff.

Talent Management

  • People Solutions.
  • Executive Search.
  • Employer of Record.


  • Internal audit.
  • SOX implementation support and effectiveness testing.
  • Cybersecurity, including Threat Intelligence, Pen Testing and Incident Response.
  • Restructuring including members voluntary liquidations of special purpose vehicles.
  • IT Strategy, security, technology and systems implementation.


  • We have a core team that specialise in working with aircraft leasing clients and we bring this experience and knowledge to all our clients.
  • We have a specialism in auditing SPVs in the aircraft leasing sector.


  • 我们有一个专门与飞机租赁客户合作的核心团队,我们将这些经验和知识带给我们所有的客户
  • 我们专注于审计飞机租赁领域的特殊目的公司

To enquire about any of the services listed above, please contact us.