Not for Profit

Not for Profit

Encompassing charities, education, registered providers of social housing and trade organisations, our non-profit organisations group combine detailed sector knowledge with the reach of the BDO International network.

BDO’s experience include working with local charities and sports bodies advising in State projects such as the National Children’s Hospital.

Tax exempt status (excl. VAT) is available to charities existing for the purpose of relief of poverty, advancement of education or religion, or for other purposes beneficial to the community.

In addition, donations to such charities may also qualify for tax relief (either for the donee or the recipient charity).

Foreign charities may now obtain a determination from the Irish Revenue tax authorities in order that donations made by Irish individuals and companies will also qualify for tax relief.

Charities Act 2009

The Act, in establishing a new statutory framework for charities operating in the Republic of Ireland whether or not the charity is established in this jurisdiction, provides for a number of important developments. Key to these are that it is imperative that all charities register with the Authority and it goes without saying that they are required to maintain ‘proper books of account’ as defined within the act. Previously, many charities depending on their status could avail of exemptions from filing audited financial statements, particularly non-incorporated bodies. The Charities Act provides that audited financial statements be filed with the Authority on an annual basis.

Our clients in the sector benefit from access to the following services:

  • Taxation advice, including applying for tax exempt status, corporate structuring, and VAT advice
  • Company secretarial advice
  • Audit & Advisory advice
  • Project related advice and planning.