Designing a cyber defence strategy

Eoghan Daly, Director of Cybersecurity recently featured in The Irish Times Special Report on Cybersecurity.

The internet is increasingly ubiquitous with more and more devices from watches to crockpots internet enabled. In business, it’s even more so with almost everything living on the cloud. With all this connectivity comes increased risk, particularly for companies that have a hybrid or remote-working capability. With this increased connectivity comes the additional opportunity for cybercrime. 

How can companies protect themselves?

Outsourcing enables a business to pay for the service and outcome required, without having to worry about keeping pace with technological developments, says Eoghan. “Outsourced providers will be expert at providing cyber defence solutions and can maintain focus on keeping pace with the rapid evolution of new cyberthreats.”

Owning the output

Eoghan says cybersecurity does not have to be supported at all levels. Cyber defence can be “owned” by the IT or security team, with ultimate responsibility with the Executive. “As much as possible should be automated and undertaken by technology to reduce the burden on employees.”

“For example, instead of asking employees to remember multiple complex passwords, businesses should require two-factor authentication and the use of a password management system. This approach empowers employees to act in a cyber-secure manner.”

Content adapted from The Irish Times.

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