Everyone is at risk from cybercrime

Eoghan Daly, Director of Cybersecurity recently featured in The Irish Times Special Report on Cybersecurity.

When it comes to cybercrime, it really is the case that no one is safe.

From the individual receiving a smishing message on their smartphone asking them to click on a link to unlock their credit card to the large public service organisation being effectively shut down by a ransomware attack, no one can truly consider themselves safe or less susceptible to attacks.

Criminals still follow the money, of course, and financial services organisations are still favoured targets.

There is nothing particularly special about cybercriminals other than their tools and methods.

“Cybercriminals are like any other type of criminal,” says Eoghan. They want to make money with the least risk and effort possible.

“Cybercriminals might actively target an organisation based on an assessment of its propensity to pay a ransom, which will depend on the nature of the organisation, its activities, and how wealthy it is.”

Every sector is at risk to some extent, and the risk will vary within a sector, he adds.

“Irish companies should consider what type of cyber incident would cause them the most problems and then prioritise their cybersecurity activities accordingly.”

“Would the loss of a key system stop the organisation in its tracks? Would the leaking of confidential customer information undermine consumer confidence and lead their customers to do their business elsewhere? Would a breach result in cancelled contracts?”

Content adapted from The Irish Times.

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