Development Capital Fund

Development Capital Fund

Development Capital Fund II is a €75 million Fund aimed at investing development and growth capital in established, mid-sized and profitable companies to support and accelerate their export growth plans.


We support high calibre, ambitious and motivated management teams by providing not only the funding to achieve their growth, but also actively supporting management teams post investment to assist them exploit and maximise their growth opportunities.

Growth plans vary from company to company and can range, for example, from a strategic acquisition to enter new export markets to capital expenditure to meet increased demand from both new and existing customers at home and abroad.

Our investment amounts range from €2 - €12 million with a five year investment term. We employ flexible transaction instruments including equity, equity/debt mix which are structured appropriate to the particular business circumstances.

Development Capital Fund II is managed by Development & Growth Funding DAC 

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Development & Growth Funding DAC T/A Development Capital is registered as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) under Regulation 4 of the European Union (Alternative Investment Fund Managers) Regulations 2013.

Business Funding Advisory Services

Our teams have extensive experience in assisting clients to secure funds from various sources including:

  • Debt funding
  • Business Expansion Scheme funds
  • Enterprise Ireland funds
  • Private equity and angel investors
  • Revenue refunds

We can assist you by project managing the funding process from start to finish or alternatively providing expert advice in relation to certain aspects as required.

Our service offering includes:

  • Assessing your funding requirements
  • Assisting in developing a finance strategy
  • Business plan preparation/modelling/review for presentation to potential investors
  • Leading and project managing the funding/refinancing process
  • Leading and advising in relation to the negotiation of termCC


Our Experience

BDO specialises in advising businesses across all sectors, ranging from development stage through to successful international growth. Our experience and expertise has assisted our clients to successfully secure funding from a range of sources. We understand the difficulties involved in raising finance in a challenging market and help bring clarity and experience to what has become an increasingly difficult process in sourcing finance, both from a debt and equity perspective. 

We have a strong track record assisting trading clients of all sizes on funding and refinancing options and, over the past 12 months, have helped secure over €1billion in new and revised facilities for our clients. This has been achieved through our experience which spans funding origination (i.e. knowing who to talk to), structuring and good execution. We offer clients valuable knowledge and insight to the debt finance markets.

Furthermore, we have successfully raised and invested over €125 million in BES funding over the last 16 years. These funds have been invested in over 137 Irish companies across a wide range of sectors including traditional manufacturing, internationally traded services, ICT, wind farms etc.

EII Scheme Funds

BDO operates a joint venture, BES Management DAC with Davy which manages the Davy EIIS Funds.

BES Management DAC is Ireland’s longest running and most experienced BES/EIIS Fund manager. We have successfully raised and invested over €200m in BES and EIIS funding over the past 25 years.

We invest EIIS funding in Irish SMEs to support ambitious management teams to achieve their growth plans.

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The Employment Investment Incentive Scheme (EIIS)

The Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme (EIIS) is a tax relief scheme which offers individual investors tax relief of up to 40% as an incentive to encourage investment in small and medium sized companies in Ireland.

BES Management Designated Activity Company is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. BES Management DAC. is a joint venture company owned by Davy and BDO. J&E Davy, trading as Davy, is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

EII Scheme for Companies Seeking Investment

BES Management DAC are currently actively seeking investment opportunities that meet our Davy EIIS Fund Mandate set out below.

BES Management DAC’s Davy EIIS Funds invest in Irish SME’s and are sector agnostic. We have completed investments in all 26 counties and across all sectors.

As an investor, we align with management teams to support them to achieve their growth plans. We bring our experience and market knowledge to assist and accelerate the growth potential of our investees.

EII Scheme for Investors
BES Management DAC raises a Davy EIIS Fund annually in the last quarter of the year.
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