Outsourced Payroll Services

Outsourced Payroll Services for Ireland and Internationally

Experience peace of mind with BDO's proven track record in delivering tailored payroll solutions to businesses in Ireland and abroad across diverse sectors. Our client-centric approach extends beyond the conventional payroll bureau, ensuring your payroll needs are met with expertise from specialists across various disciplines.

Enjoy a comprehensive payroll offering designed to enhance efficiency and address the unique requirements of your business. Trust BDO to provide not just a service but a strategic partnership that contributes directly to the success of your operations.

BDO's Approach

Seamless Transition & Automated Efficiency


Experience smooth transitions, supported by case studies, whether shifting platforms, migrating providers, or transitioning from an in-house setting. Our automation expertise ensures HRIS and Payroll integration, minimising manual interactions and reducing risks. 

Platform Integration Advantage


Rely on our team's experience with many Payroll and HR platforms, for seamless adaptation to your needs. Beyond basic payroll processing, we optimise efficiency and alleviate the burden on your internal HR and finance teams, ensuring a tailored payroll service experience.

International Payroll Services & Employment Tax Compliancehand-holding-earth-icon-bdo

BDO can support you with complex compensation arrangements, including equity, special reliefs, global mobility programmes, and international transfers, providing peace of mind that your employer tax obligations are being fully observed.

Payroll Services

Outsource your payroll to enhance employee experience, business efficiency and payroll accuracy. 


What we can provide: 

  1. Onboarding
  2. Data Feed
    • Data accepted in BDO templates as standard
    • Optional service to convert outputs for direct upload to payroll
    • BDO Global Portal – secure document sharing
  3. Payroll Processing with comprehensive quality assurance
    • Dedicated team of highly experienced payroll specialists, reviewers, and account managers
  4. Healthcare and Benefit Payments
    • Full integrated data feed with third-party benefit providers
  5. Pension
    • Auto-enrolment
    • Re-enrolment and re-declaration of compliance
    • Pension feeds
    • Payment of contributions
  6. Payslips
    • Payslips provided as standard via encrypted email
    • BDO can also provide a dedicated payslip delivery platform with options of direct feed to the HR system or access via a desktop web browser (with single sign-on)
  7. Banking
    • BDO can provide a bank file for you to upload to your payment platform
  8. Reporting
    • Automated GL Report
    • Comprehensive and extended GTN reports
    • Standard suite of reports
  9. Services outside payroll processing
    • Bespoke reporting
    • Supplementary runs
    • CSO returns
    • Gender Pay Gap Reporting
    • P11D, P11D (b), PSA, ERS & P60s
    • KPI/SLA

With over 1,803 offices spanning 164 countries and territories, BDO specialises in seamlessly coordinating international payrolls. This extensive global presence translates into two powerful benefits for your organisation:

  • Local Compliance Assurance: Our vast network allows us to stay abreast of the intricate payroll regulations and compliance nuances in each region. This ensures that your international payrolls are meticulously managed, meeting local legal requirements and avoiding potential pitfalls.

  • Efficient International Payroll Coordination: Leveraging our international reach, we provide a centralised and streamlined approach to managing payrolls across multiple countries. This not only ensures consistency in payroll processes, but also simplifies the administrative burden for your organisation. This allows you to focus on core business functions, while we navigate the complexities of your international payroll management.

Automation & Integration

 The BDO payroll data management team have experience in automating the end-to-end flow of payroll data, pulling input data from HR information systems and benefits systems, automating business-specific policies and transmitting payroll output data to a range of internal accounting systems or external service provider systems. 

The automation of Payroll processes often involves dependencies on other HR and Finance processes, and the BDO team has the knowledge and experience to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure an efficient end-to-end process and a positive employee experience.

We have the skills and tools to extract data from HR Information Systems, Time & Attendance systems and Benefits systems, including Workday, SuccessFactors, Dayforce, Sage, Clockwise and Replicon.

Where required, we can automate the build-up of Gross pay calculations, including:

  • Monetary values
  • Rate cards applied to Hourly values
  • Bonus and Commission amounts based on percentages
  • Volume rates or thresholds
  • Notional calculations for Benefit-In-Kind
  • Employee savings and Share Schemes

This includes proration of Gross amounts for joiners, leavers and mid-period changes based on your organisation’s specific calendars for a range of pay periods and payroll cut-offs, including retrospective calendar events and complex apportionment rules.

We work with a range of payroll applications and ETL software toolsets to encode your organisation-specific pay and benefits policies into a rules library. This is designed to underpin the recurring process automation, eliminate manual intervention, and provide you with a verifiable audit trail of pay calculations. 

You can choose to:

  • deploy these automation solutions within BDO’s technical environment or 
  • work with your own Business and IT team to deploy them within your in-house technical environment.

In addition to supporting the real-time integration for statutory reporting to ROS and HMRC, we deploy automated solutions for data feeds to Pension and Benefit providers and build custom solutions to integrate directly with business accounting and ERP systems. 

This can include: 

  • an automated payroll journal to General ledgers, Project Costing and Re-billing systems
  • data feeds to Business Intelligence systems (e.g. Power BI, Tableau or Qlik) 
  • secure delivery of Payslips to HR Information Systems.


Benefits of outsourcing your Payroll with BDO


Experience payroll solutions with agile precision - at BDO we grow with your business, and adapt to your evolving needs. Discover bespoke services beyond the standard one-size-fits-all approach.

Seamless payroll processing for Ireland and abroad. Manage your operations effectively without disruptions. With BDO, you gain reliable assurance that all your Revenue and statutory and non-statutory requirements are met seamlessly, providing confidence and peace of mind. 

Our experienced professionals are an extension to your team to ensure up to date legislation is implemented and effectively communicated. They will support you to manage your data security, encryption, and resilience. Take responsibility as the Data Processor for payroll operations in compliance with your Data Controller requirements.

External accreditation of BDO data security environment (ISO 27001).

With reliable payroll delivery and a robust Business Contingency Plan, we ensure uninterrupted service, allowing you to concentrate on your core business. We work to improve & optimise your overall operations.

As an international accounting firm, we offer a holistic suite of Financial and People services. We streamline Employment Tax, HR Services, and more for global clients, providing you with a comprehensive solution under one roof.

Enjoy a personalised payroll service with a dedicated contact and account manager at BDO, saving you time through our established and consistent processes.

Outsourced Payroll is one component of a suite of services. Discover other workforce management solutions with BDO.

At BDO we understand that staff motivation lies at the core of successful business. We understand the importance of retaining key employees, attracting new employees and rewarding long term employees. Staff incentives may take many different forms depending on the needs of the business, the age of the staff and the motivation issues to be addressed.

BDO can assist you in maximising the tax efficiency of employee remunerations through the creation and implementation of tailored tax efficient remuneration packages.


We offer a suite of Talent Management Solutions that  are designed to respond to our clients’ People Challenges. Whether your People Strategy is to build, borrow, or buy  skills our ranges of services can help you to get there.

Our Talent Management solutions are people led, expertise driven and facilitated through leading technology. We understand the importance of people within a business and work closely with our clients to ensure that their People Solutions bring their business strategies to life.

Our offering is different, we are experts across a range of areas within the Talent Management space. Whether you require a team of qualified accountants, an experienced Project Manager, or Executive Search services we are here to help. We also offer ancillary services such as Employer of Record and Recruitment Advisory Solutions.

We have experience across a range of sectors but our approach remains the same. We use cutting edge technology to support our experienced team ensuring our clients receive a streamlined, efficient service but always with a personal touch.

We are supported by the wider BDO network bringing in-depth knowledge of regulatory changes, evolving market trends and technology breakthroughs across our international network.


Through our Employer of Record Service we act as the legal employer for your Irish based employees. As part of our service we offer:

  • Design of a bespoke employment contract and an employee handbook that reflects your policies and procedures but within the legal framework of all Irish laws and regulations
  • Management of all local payroll, employment taxes and any wider benefits
  • Ongoing advice on any changes to Irish employment legislation
  • We assist with visa or work permits
  • You retain direction and management of your employees

Visit the entire People Advisory suite of services

Payroll Case Studies: real-world transformative solutions

Explore our Case Studies, proof of BDO's ability to tailor and scale Outsourced Payroll Services. From small enterprises to larger organisations, these narratives showcase our adaptability in delivering seamless payroll experiences. Witness firsthand our commitment to delivering personalised and scalable payroll solutions that resonate across diverse business landscapes.


  • Payroll processing for 5,000+ employees with 300+ distinct pay elements to support a broad range of employee reward and benefit schemes
  • Includes gross-ups for certain benefits and processing of the Irish component of a global Share Options scheme
  • Upstream integration with HR and benefits systems (incl. Workday)
  • Downstream integration with the client's internal BI system and Global payslip distribution platform
  • Processing of both Irish and International payroll for a population of 8,000+ employees
  • Build and operate a customised upstream Build-to-Gross solution to handle the computation of Taxable and Non-taxable amounts (e.g., proration of benefits, BIK tracking and reconciliation,  employer and employee pension contributions, etc.
  • Integration with Workday for both inputs (Employee data and Pay) and outputs (Payslips)
  • Fully managed payroll service for this international pharmaceutical company
  • Processing by the BDO team of Payroll on the client’s instance of CorePay (now PeopleXD)
  • BDO team members are experienced users of payroll on the PeopleXD platform
  • BDO processed payrolls for 2,500+ employees (9 Monthly and 1 Weekly)
  • Hourly paid employees in Manufacturing plants (Multiple Shift rates, Overtime rates, and Compound rates)
  • Salaried staff in Sales, Administration and Management (incl. complex bonus and commission schemes)
  • Secure access to the client's internal network with all employee personal data in a ringfenced environment
  • BDO customised ETL process to extract timesheet data from multiple Time & Attendance systems (Acquired Manufacturing plants using different T&A systems)
  • Designed and implemented a customised ETL rule set to apply client-specific policies for Overtime, Shift, Holiday, Shutdown and Disability to calculate payroll values from Timesheet statistics
  • Assisted client's HR team with migration to Workday HRIS and designed feed of employee master data into payrolls and performed data cleansing on legacy employee data
  • Customised GL reporting for payroll data feed to SAP – BDO payroll team liaised directly with Financial Controllers in each business unit
  • Data feed to Power BI to support Payroll Tax analytics (incl. refund claim)
  • BDO hosted onsite payroll clinics providing one-to-one payroll consultations for employees in their work location
  • Employment Tax advice on the payroll treatment of an Employee Share Scheme
  • Contingency payroll systems support (BDO systems available in the event of an outage of client systems)

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