Business Restructuring

Our approach

Guiding businesses and individuals through financial distress can be an intricate task, even for the most proficient team. At BDO, we approach these challenges comprehensively, crafting strategies to guide your business through financial difficulties toward renewed stability. We aim to find positive and pragmatic steps to restore your organisation to health and profitability. Discover the practical Business Restructuring strategies we can support your business with. 


Successful examinerships can protect viable businesses and provide a better solution for their creditors than a traditional liquidation process. Our Business Restructuring services are designed to help you achieve the best results during the protection period of the Examinership process.  

Our role as examiner includes:  

  • Sourcing investors / Assisting with an Investment Agreement 
  • Classifying creditors 
  • Formulating a scheme of arrangement 
  • Examining the affairs of the Company, if required 
  • Monitor performance during the period of Examinership 
  • Creditor meetings 
  • Court Reporting

We can assist you in preparing the Independent Accountant’s Report required by the High Court to determine the merits of Appointing an Examiner over a business. 

We extend our services to Creditors of companies entering the Examinership process. Our review of Independent Accountants Reports prepared by others can identify potential areas open to challenge. 




Whether you’re facing a voluntary liquidation aimed at recovering shareholder funds or an unavoidable step due to business failure, we provide expert guidance and support throughout the liquidation process. 

Our team is well-prepared to efficiently navigate clients through every aspect of liquidation, offering a comprehensive solution: 

  • Project management for supervised wind-downs 
  • Solvent liquidations, including Member's Voluntary Liquidations 
  • Insolvent liquidations, encompassing Creditors' Voluntary Liquidations or Court Liquidations 

Through our global network, we can also advise on the liquidation process worldwide by connecting with the relevant local offices. 

Litigation & Forensic

Most forensic accounting disputes have financial and commercial ramifications. Whether you require investigation of a suspected or actual fraud, authoritative quantification of damages or an expert witness capable of making a decisive contribution to your case, our Forensic Specialists can give you the edge. 

Our Forensic & Litigation Support Services cover many areas of expertise, including: 

  • Commercial fraud investigations
  • Company and partnership valuations
  • Loss of profit and consequential loss
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Taxation transactions

  • Warranty claims
  • Reckless and fraudulent trading
  • Expert witness & dispute advisory services.



When it comes to placing a company into Receivership, a primary concern is achieving the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders involved. 

Leveraging our knowledge and experience, we offer sound guidance throughout this challenging process. Our proven record is a testament to it. 

Choose our Receivership services which include: 

  • Conducting viability reviews on behalf of secured investors with a view to identifying the best route to realising a return on the investment. 
  • Advising on prioritising the assets on a value basis that underpins a lender's security. 
  • Accepting appointments as a receiver and manager of a company and undertaking a realisation of assets on behalf of the secured investors.


When your business faces challenges that demand restructuring, we understand the uncertainty and stress you may be experiencing. Our extensive experience is here to alleviate those concerns and guide you towards practical solutions. 

Our top priority is not just to rescue your business but to set it on a path to sustainable success. We firmly believe that timely advice from the right source can lead to genuine recovery. 

Explore our services for:


Implementation of restructuring strategies and active appraisal of their impact

Identification of the real underlying problems facing businesses

Arrangement & securing of finance

Viability, operational and financial reviews


Undertaking company reviews

Formulation of recovery plans

Trust the guidance of our Advisory experts