• Valuations & Financial Modelling

Valuations & Financial Modelling

When making investment decisions, different parties may have diverging views on where the true measure of value lies. Financial modelling and valuations are a tried and trusted way to help parties understand each one’s perspective.

Our know-how

At BDO we combine our technical expertise with our international market-leading M&A experience to provide a valuation opinion and identify ways in which this value can be increased. This can take the form of a formal valuation opinion, or alternatively we can work with you to develop a bespoke financial model to assess the impact of key inputs on value.

Every company and its underlying assets (and liabilities) are unique. Our experienced team works with the client to understand their business and its objectives to create bespoke offerings tailored specifically to the client’s needs. At BDO we can combine our professional expertise with our independent perspective to conduct model reviews and offer support. This gives our clients the confidence they need to rely on the financial model to make informative future business decisions.

Focus on future cash-flow

Often when seeking to assign a value to a business, asset or project, parties focus on factors such as ‘volume of work’ to date, or a benchmark multiple that may have no direct relevance to the investment in question. A shrewd investor will be concerned with the future cash flow return that their investment will generate.

We specialise in deploying our financial modelling expertise in order to forecast and assess the risk involved in cash flows to arrive at a valuation opinion or investment recommendation.

Working with our team will help you:

  • Clearly communicate budgeted and actual project performance to investors and funders
  • Understand the key operational dynamics of your business, the impact upon financial performance and valuation and the impact of key risks
  • Evaluate the impact of financing options and decisions.