Business Risk Review

Think about all the opportunities you know about in your business. Now think about the risks—the things that could damage your organisation forever. Which are you more aware of?
If you’re like most decision makers then the chances are you are more focused on opportunities than risks, which can lay you open to unforeseen problems.

Get wise to the potential challenges you may face with help from our Business Risk team, which can help you take decisions confidently and seize new opportunities in full appreciation of your business risks.

We will establish an integrated Risk Management process to help you obtain a complete picture of the risks you face as you pursue your business objectives.
This will allow you to assess the risks in terms of their impact, likelihood and priority and identify any risk control activities. We will also develop an action plan to manage the risks that threaten your organisation.

Our Business Risk team can provide:

  • Business process and systems assurance (including internal audit, compliance and risk management)
  • Sarbanes-Oxley and related activities (SAS 70 and AAF 01/06)
  • Business continuity reviews
  • Fraud prevention and detection
  • Information protection.

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