By Carol Lynch | 12 April 2023

A Look Inside the UK's Latest Customs Border Target Operating Model and Its Implications

The UK government has released a draft Border Target Operating Model that proposes changes to security and sanitary controls at the border. This new approach will apply to security controls (involving all imports) and sanitary and... Read More

By Lorna Kelly | 09 March 2023

Importing or exporting goods in and out of Ireland? It's time to make sure you are compliant

If your business moves goods into and out of the EU or the U.K., you are legally obliged to comply with Customs Regulations. It may surprise many businesses that even if you are engaging with a customs clearance agent or freight... Read More

By David Savage | 17 January 2022

The fall and partial rise of US-EU trading relations

Despite recent challenges, the EU-US trading relationship is underpinned by deeply integrated economies. The European Commission website describes this relationship as defining world trade and contributing as much as 40% to the world... Read More

By Carol Lynch | 22 December 2021

New EHCs on imports from GB

From 15 January 2022, exporters from Great Britain (GB) will need to use the Animal Health Regulation (AHR) Export Health Certificates (EHCs) for goods exported to the EU or moved to Northern Ireland (NI), if an EHC is required. ... Read More

By Carol Lynch | 15 December 2021

UK Border Control Announcement

The UK government has announced that it will delay the introduction of new border controls, due on 1 January 2022 for goods entering Great Britain from the island of Ireland, while discussions on the Protocol on Ireland and Northern... Read More

By Carol Lynch | 06 December 2021

New UK Customs & SPS Controls

On 1st January 2022, the second phase of the UK's Border Operating Model will be introduced. This will lead to new customs controls at the Great Britain border and will also include significant new requirements for the importation of... Read More

By Carol Lynch | 24 November 2021

Key issues which caused delays on imports to the EU in 2021 post Brexit

We are advising exporters to review the key issues which caused delays on imports to the EU in 2021 post Brexit. Understanding these issues will ensure that you are prepared for exporting to GB in 2022. Read More

By Carol Lynch | 18 November 2021

UK Border Operating Model

The Border Operating Model has now been updated and published by the UK government outlining, in full, the implementation plan for border controls with the EU. Read More

By Carol Lynch | 14 September 2021

Good news for Irish exporters

UK Government announces delays to SPS Controls for EU goods imported into Great Britain. Read More

By Carol Lynch | 30 June 2021

Export Health Certificate

If you operate a food business in Ireland and intend to export food to establishments outside of the EU, (i.e. third countries, GB is now a third country), it is imperative that you understand the requirements in order to ensure that you... Read More