By Carol Lynch | 08 August 2019

Priority Tasks for Brexit

As agreed at the EU Council Meeting the UK departure from the EU has now been extended to 31st October, with a review scheduled in June. Read More

By Carol Lynch | 06 August 2019

How the Customs System works in Ireland

The Customs System in Ireland can be complicated with a number of different components for businesses to consider. Read More

By Carol Lynch | 25 October 2018

Post Brexit – Shipping goods to/from EU & UK

In a post Brexit scenario goods will be required to move via Customs Transit in order to avoid being hit with Customs Duties on entry into the UK and, again, on entry to Ireland/the EU. Read More

By Carol Lynch | 06 July 2018

Trade War Fear

With rising concerns over a potential global trade war between the US, China and Europe, Carol Lynch, Partner Customs and International Trade BDO examines the practical implications of the changes on duties and tariffs. Read More

By Carol Lynch | 06 July 2018

Impact of Iran Sanctions on EU Businesses

The recent withdrawal of the United States from the Iran Nuclear Deal will have significant impact on how EU businesses do business with Iran.  We investigate the impact on businesses and what this means for the market. Read More

By Carol Lynch | 06 July 2018

Are you Brexit Ready?

As the European Council renew its call upon Member States, Union institutions and all stakeholders to step up their work on preparedness, we review your business can do to prepare. Read More

By Carol Lynch | 10 May 2018

What is Customs?

A guide for companies who need to understand the key essentials of Customs and Trade legislation for the first time. Read More

By Carol Lynch | 10 May 2018

Brexit Impact on Hauliers, Freight Forwarders & Exporters

We look at the questions Irish hauliers, freight forwarders and exporters need to address and plan for in order to ensure business continuity and profitability.  Read More

By Carol Lynch | 10 May 2018

Brexit Funding Support

At BDO we recommend businesses review the loans, grants and training programmes available to them in order to start preparing for Brexit. Read More

By Carol Lynch | 22 March 2018

Learnings from the Ukraine FTA

In the context of the movement of goods, we compare EU trade agreements currently in place as a means to predict the likeliest model when it comes to the EU-UK break up. Read More