Case Study | Irish Payroll Company Move

Client Sector: Hospitality Sector

Duration of Project: April 2020

Public or Private? Private

Contract Description

Our client wished to move from an existing Core payroll company to a new payroll company with a new registration number. This was needed as our client had a new employer paying them with a new company registration number.

Obective: Ensure a swift move of all the employees into the new payroll company and to be able to pay them accordingly without any hassle. 

Challenge: Ensure that there was full leverage between our client and revenue before we could begin the company move. This was to guarantee that all employee information was being updated accordingly. 


Contract Management

Mobilisation & Information Gathering - our team worked with the client closely to gather the necessary information for the 380 staff. Our client worked closely with revenue on this, enabling us to carry out the update of employee information. 

System build - we configured an identical payroll company but with a new registration number. We then updated employee’s information including new employment ID’s and cumulative information, which was completed through scripting. 

User Acceptance Testing - extensive testing was carried out to ensure that all employee’s information was updated accordingly. We ran payroll processing tests to confirm that all employee’s net pay and cumulative information was calculating correctly. 

Go-Live & System Support – it was a successful implementation of a new payroll company. Our client ran the standard end-to-end payroll process from the new company set-up. Employees were paid out of the new pay entity. Our team were on hand for any queries that were raised during live running; verifying that all employees were paid and revenue returns were submitted successfully, as well as all other financial management outputs being produced such as the general ledger and other payroll reports. 


Contract Performance

Business Process Improvement - our client was successfully able to pay their employees out of the new payroll company. This project helped our client save time by not having to manually end-date and re-hire each of their employees on the HRIS. It also allowed them to focus on other important processes. 

Enhanced Business Efficiencies - our client was able to complete the full end-to-end payroll process and send out revenue returns and other financial management outputs at ease.

All payroll history from the old company remained on the system for our client. 

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