My Story | Jovin Johnson

My Story | Jovin Johnson

Name: Jovin Johnson

Position: Valuations and Financial Modelling Specialist in Corporate Finance, BDO Limerick

Date joined: 2019 (as an intern)

College: Finance, MSc. Corporate Finance, University College Cork (UCC)

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My BDO Journey

I began my career in BDO Limerick as an intern during the last semester of my Masters in Corporate Finance from UCC in 2019. Following my internship, I was offered a training contract to complete my accountancy qualification. I am now a qualified accountant working as a Valuations and Financial Modelling Specialist within the Corporate Finance division in BDO Limerick. Our department is very dynamic and provides a variety of services to our clients. Primarily we provide insolvency and litigation support. Our core function is advisory where we advise on Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) in healthcare, transactions services, and restructuring. We also have our valuations and modelling team who support on various financial modelling requirements and business valuation projects. One thing I love about working at BDO is that starting as an intern or trainee you will get to experience all the various elements of corporate finance and discover for yourself which area suits you best and drive your own career in that direction. Within my initial first 2 months of working as an intern I started working in insolvency/litigation and was quickly involved in projects in advisory and business valuation. Due to the exposure I experienced within the department it enabled me to choose the area that suited me and my interest’s best.

Financial Modelling & Valuations

My work focusses around preparing financial models for various projects which require working on Microsoft excel to build profit & loss, balance sheets, cash flow and projections. I am also involved in business valuations projects where we value the business based on discounting future cashflows to value the shares of the business. What I enjoy about financial modelling & valuation is that each project is unique which provides great variety. We build models for various purposes. For example, advising a client for banking support or M&A with various needs. In valuations it is a lot about researching and finding the right variables and making professional judgement in understanding the value of the business.

Being able to understand and explain the various elements when working on a financial model or valuation is a critical part of my job especially given the complex nature of the services we offer.

My educational background, combined with the training I receive on the job and the ongoing support from my team, has given me a strong fundamental knowledge in my area of work. This has helped me to easily understand and work on complex financial models. Earning my masters and training with BDO has provided me with the core technical knowledge that has helped me progress my career much quicker. I am looking forward to developing my skillset and progressing my career with BDO.

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