Where a STEM course may lead you

Katie Heydon, Dublin office, Scientific consultant with Research and Development Tax team, Master’s in Physics, Trinity College Dublin

My role is to advise clients who want to avail of R&D tax credits and help them get the most benefit from their claim.

Being able to understand my client’s research and delve in to technical discussions is a huge part of my job. My Masters has given me an understanding of the fundamental science that underpins the incredibly varied research I talk about with my clients daily. One day I could be chatting to a client about machine learning algorithms, the next day about medical technology, and geophysics the day after.

Choosing a degree with a STEM module provides limitless opportunities in areas you never would have thought of.

Lynda Latus, Cork office, Senior Consultant, Computer and Software Development, Institute of Technology Tralee

As a mature student I studied Computing with Software Development at the Institute of Technology Tralee. In my class, I was one of three females but my lecturers had huge respect for everyone, whether you were male or female, encouraging us to further develop our skills outside of the classroom on cutting-edge technology and research projects. When I graduated, I knew that I did not want to be a developer but instead chose a technology career that took me from a role in quality assurance, to systems analysis, to technology consultancy, and now as a technology manager.

Every day is different, challenging and rewarding, STEM formed the foundation of the career that I have managed to create for myself.

Eimear O’Hare, Dublin office, Senior Manager in Corporate Finance team, Bachelor of Science Accountancy, University of Ulster

I am responsible for advising private shareholders and management teams to achieve their strategic goals through acquisitions, fund raising and exit. My college course has greatly assisted me develop within my current role, it gives me the confidence to negotiate deals and bring gender diversity to the sector.  I would encourage students to undertake a STEM course as employers are increasingly looking for candidates with STEM backgrounds to bring a different outlook and experience.

STEM provides great career prospects and there are many opportunities. You can use your skills to pivot into various industries and you become very adaptable and agile. 

Niamh O’Brien, Cork office, Technology Consultant Bachelor’s in Economics, Information Systems and Business Performance (ISBP) Master’s, University College Cork 

After studying in UCC, I began my career with BDO Eaton Square.  My master’s enabled me to apply much of what I learnt to the role.  My job essentially consists of taking client software requirements and putting them into a system that benefits their HR, payroll, recruitment, training and timesheet management functions, I am very lucky that the master’s I chose, as it gave me a base point for all the necessary skills that I require. The master’s was very practical, and project based and provided me with the technical understanding and skillset I use for my day to day.

If you enjoy STEM subjects you should pursue it, it will be worth it in the long run.  

Lynda and Niamh will be at our Cork IWISH stand on January 30th and 31st. Eimear and Katie will all be at our Dublin IWISH stand on February 3rd and 4th.

If attending, be sure to drop by our stand and get more of an insight from the team and their career progression with BDO.