The Transfer Pricing World: Emerging From the Challenges of BEPS

Date: 07 June 2016
Time: 15:00 - 16:00


  • Summary

Please join us on 7 June 2016 for the second of this year's International Tax Webinar series.

This webinar will focus on how the transfer pricing aspects of the OECD'S BEPS program are being implemented around the world, how this is changing the transfer pricing landscape in practice and what MNCs are doing, or should be doing, to address this. We will discuss:
• Going back to transfer pricing basics!: Understanding the facts in a world where acceptable practices have been raised
- Properly delineating related party transactions
- Undertaking and evaluating functions & risks and associated value drivers with specificity
- Taking care with comparability analysis
- Evaluating how, and by whom, control is exercised over functions, risks and assets

• The 'new world' for transfer pricing intangibles: Re-evaluating the role intangibles play in the value chain, how they contribute to profit, where rewards for their exploitation should sit in the group and managing transition from the 'old world'

• TP documentation: The new 'Good Practice' - managing both your compliance risk and the time and cost of its compilation and maintenance

• Country-by-Country Reporting for tax update: Global adoption, US position, best practice for those groups that have non-compliant 'Ultimate Parent Entities' and EU developments on public disclosure

This promises to be an insightful and interactive webinar and we really hope that you can join us.

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