Creativity key in skills revolution for a changing world

Niamh O’Brien, Director, BDO Talent Management featured in The Irish Times Special Report on The Future of Work. Read Niamh's extract below.

Automation and digitisation are changing the working world in ways which few of us could have imagined even a short time ago. Once sought-after skill sets are becoming obsolete, while new jobs are being created which require capabilities not thought of a decade ago. And the pace of change is accelerating.

This presents real challenges to people seeking to arm themselves with the skills they need to further their careers. But the good news is that our uniquely human characteristics may be our most valuable assets in an increasingly machine-driven world of work.

Niamh O’Brien, who heads up BDO Talent Management, agrees with the World Economic Forum’s prediction for the top 10 skills required for 2025. “People really need to look at those softer skills like problem solving, innovation and creativity. For employers, investing in leadership and management skills to lead remote teams will be important.”

While technology skills will remain in very high demand, people will need to look beyond them. “Individuals need to look at those skills but at the softer skills as well for the longer term as they prepare for the new environment,” she adds.

Content adapted from The Irish Times special report, Creativity key in skills revolution for a changing world

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