BDO Focus On... Brexit & Financial Services

11 July 2016

BDO presents its publication 'BDO Focus On... Brexit & Financial Services". 

The UK’s vote on June 23rd to leave the European Union sent shockwaves through financial markets and the reverberations will continue for some time to come. Over the last few days we witnessed Mark Carney, President of the Bank of England, pledging GBP 250 billion to stabilise markets, the ECB committing to inject liquidity in financial markets if necessary and the 27th June saw a suspension of trading in shares of RBS and Barclays.

However, beyond the short term response of markets, a Brexit triggers important questions about London’s position as Europe’s financial centre and the UK-based financial industry’s long-term ability to access the European single market.

Contents include:

  • Access to the EU Single Market - It Is All About Regulatory Equivalence
  • Challenges for Westminister?
  • A New European Outlook on Financial Services?
  • What Next?