With BDO's Audit team, you can be confident in the knowledge that your business is compliant with all the relevant rules and regulations, because we are leaders in the field of business assurance. We were the first Irish accountancy firm to qualify for registration with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), which is now a prerequisite for any firm that provides, or wishes to provide, auditing services to US listed companies and their Irish-based subsidiaries. This achievement is a testament to our continuous dedication to our clients.

To us your business assurance is more than counting the numbers and ticking the boxes. It's about helping you grow your business and ensuring that every part of your organisation is fine-tuned to achieve your business objectives. We adopt a relationship based approach by working closely with you over the long-term, we develop a deep understanding of your requirements and become well placed to advise you on the best way forward for your business, whether this involves funding growth, personal wealth creation or going public. Our experienced Audit team have helped a broad range of businesses from family businesses, entrepreneurs and small indigenous owner-managed firms, to the larger international brands. 

Statutory Audit


BDO’s approach to auditing is risk-based, allowing us to get to the core of the issues affecting your business and financial statements. Our commitment to understanding our clients, results in a more effective use of our time on your behalf.

Our audit approach is based on the following:

  • Partner-led assignments
  • Audit team accessibility
  • Regular communication and “no surprises” philosophy
  • Sound project management
  • Strong technical support and expertise
  • Efficient use of information technology

The key to effective delivery of a quality audit service is significant Partner and Manager involvement throughout the entire engagement. All our assignments are partner-led, which ensures the highest quality of service using short chains of communication and decision making.

Special Purpose Audit

We assist our clients with a number of non statutory audit assignments and other specific reviews. Below are listed a number of examples, we are able to undertake reviews for clients based on their individual requirements. 

As part of an acquisition, a set of completion accounts may be drawn up to help determine the final consideration paid for the company or assets acquired. These are likely to be prepared by reference to the sale and purchase agreement.

In conjunction with dedicated specialists, we can assist clients in preparing, commenting upon or reviewing such accounts.

Our involvement assists clients in obtaining or paying the appropriate consideration for the acquired or disposed company/assets.

Service charge audits are often provided with a widely differing level of service and fees. We understand that clients need to manage the process, cost and delivery.

We offer a dedicated client service team that understands your business. As a single service provider we can specially tailor our process to every client and provide agreed service levels.

Our approach is designed to improve the property manager’s own process, making them more efficient and in turn more profitable.

Clients may require a report on financial statements or non financial information which does not fall under the requirements of Statutory Audit.

We provide independent audit assurance on the integrity of financial statements and can report upon certain other quantifiable information.

Our report provides independent assurance on financial and non financial information to meet regulatory and other stakeholder requirements.

Clients may require a report on a certain component of the financial statements or to confirm that they are compliant with a contractual agreement or regulatory requirement.

We provide a report on:

  • whether a component of a set of financial statements are prepared in accordance with the basis of accounting
  • whether particular provisions of a contractual agreement, such as a loan agreement, have been complied with
  • the internal controls over the financial reporting process.

Our report will provide an independent opinion on these aspects to meet regulatory and other stakeholder requirements.


Pension Scheme Audit


As a pension administrator are you tired of:

  • Late filing fees,
  • Chasing auditors for the issuance of an opinion, and
  • Dealing with insufficiently skilled and inexperienced staff?

As a trustee are you tired of increasing administration costs and auditor fees as a result of the above?

With ever expanding legislation there is an increasing burden and onus on you, the administrators and trustees to meet filing deadlines, avoid the publicity of late filing and reduce company costs.

At BDO we understand these issues and have a dedicated and specialised resource which guarantees:

  • Quality service
  • Rapid turn around
  • Firm delivery dates
  • Competitive prices

Meet Our Audit Experts

Teresa Morahan

Teresa Morahan

BDO Dublin Partner, Head of Audit BDO Ireland, Head of Global Technology, Media and Telecommunications
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Brian Hughes

Partner, Financial Services Audit, BDO Dublin
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Stephen McCallion

Partner & International Liaison Partner, BDO Dublin
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Partner Financial Services, BDO Dublin
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