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7th October 2021

Our first webinar will explore he fundamentals of cybersecurity, using plain English to explain commonly used terms with Bob Semple, Member of the Governance Advisory Council at the Corporate Governance Institute Corporate Governance Institute.

24th August 2021

Our fourth webinar examines how to build brand equity without owning the online relationship.

17th August 2021

Our third webinar will explore why email marketing works.

10th August 2021

Our second webinar will discuss personalisation as a catalyst for e-Commerce growth.

20th July 2021

Our first webinar will examine how to increase online sales using an Amazon-style shopping exprience for your customers.

Recorded in June 2021

In episode 3, Niamh' O'Brien, Director of BDO Talent Management chats with Catherine Favier, Revolut’s Global Head of Workforce and Tech Services, on her insights on how flexible working was implemented within Revolut.

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