• Strategy Definition

Strategy Definition

Strategy is all about challenging the orthodoxies and pushing the thinking to generate a competitive strategy. 

At BDO Eaton Square we have developed a unique strategy process that facilitates our clients through the process, driving towards a winning competitive strategy that most importantly can be implemented. 

Our Solutions:

  • Identification of the Strategic issues and questions
  • Situational analysis across Industry, Market,Competitor, Customer, Stakeholders and Internal ops
  • Insight generation workshops and SWOT development
  • Strategy development and scenario analysis
  • Strategy communications and ownership throughout the business
  • Storytelling development to lead communications


By the end of the process companies will have:

  • Clarity on what are the big strategic questions for the business
  • Vision defined and aligned by the Board and Executive Team
  • Deep internal and external research into the Industry, Market, Competitor, Customer and Internal operations
  • Identification of all insights form the research stage and development of strengths, weaknesses, Threats and opportunities
  • Validated and aligned strategic options developed from SWOTS
  • An aligned coalition of support for the developed strategy across the entire business as everyone will have been part of the process
  • Internal and external stakeholder engagement with a clear story of the strategy and how it will be communicated internally and externally