• Strategy Mobilisation

Strategy Mobilisation

To successfully delivery a strategy, it must be broken into projects, owners assigned, and a governance
system of accountability established. 

Over a 6 weeks process we understand and break the strategy down into different parts and projects that sit with the different business or across the organisation.  We assign ownership, define deliverables and agree

Our Solutions:

  • Strategy deliverables allocation and roadmap for delivery agreed
  • Cross company project identification and ownership
  • Project planning with deliverable and milestone agreement
  • Deliverable allocation & ownership
  • PMO Set up


By the end of a successful strategy mobilisation companies will have:

  • Clarity and visibility on how the strategy and its published initiatives will be implemented
  • Standards of project and programme management introduced
  • All strategy deliverables and enablers planned, assigned and owned throughout the business
  • Deliverables, milestones and roadmap for strategy implementation
  • PMO set up and clear structured model in place for monitoring of the implementation and clear reporting to the executive team and the board
  • Emerging Risks and Issues identified, tracked and monitored