LISTEN: Irish Farmer's Journal Weekly Podcast Ep. 202

31 January 2019

Carol Lynch, Partner, Customs and International Trade Services spoke to Thomas Hubert on the Irish Farmer's Journal Weekly Podcast, episode 202, about the technicalities involved when shipping agri-food products to and from the UK in a no-deal Brexit.


Carol goes through the process that exporters will face once the UK leaves the EU without a deal."In a post-Brexit situation where the UK is now a non-EU country, you're going to have to treat exports to the UK the same as if you were exporting to, for example, the US or Canada," Carol says.

She also talks about the shortage of qualified staff to carry out such a process. "We've had a situation since 1992 where goods moved freely within the single market so a lot of clearance agents would have closed in 1992...We don't have a great deal of customs expertise in the private sector."

To listen to the full podcast, visit PlayerFM. The podcast is also available on iTunes or Spotify. Carol's segment begins at the 2:44 mark.

If your business moves goods across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK, you can learn more about how you can prepare and be proactive ahead of March 29th by visting Brexit Customs Training.