• Internal Workplace Facilitation


Resolving large disputes with several parties, departments or an entire organisation.

Our Internal Workplace Facilitation is very similar to our Workplace Mediation approach but on a larger basis  It involves facilitating the settlement of internal workplace disputes in an organisation with several parties, departments or an entire organisation. We are focused on reaching a solution that all participants can align on and agree to.

Examples when to use:

  • Two teams are unwilling to communicate or share ideas, due to lack of resources and competitive goals. Both teams begin to miss deadlines and submit sub-par work due to the limited access to information. The two teams begin openly arguing and disrespecting each other.
  • A team is finding it hard to adjust to a new system, processes and tighter reporting deadlines and the group is fracturing a bit and needs to be pulled back together as a unit.
  • Two teams (Sales and Marketing) are struggling to come to an agreement on the approach to allocation of resources for existing clients and new business development.
  • A leadership team needs some facilitation to enable the group to really reach alignment on emotive issues.