• EII Scheme Tax Advisory Services

EII Scheme Tax Advisory Services

The Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme (“EII Scheme”) is the reformed and revamped Business Expansion Scheme (“BES”). It is a tax relief scheme which can provide tax relief for eligible Investors for investments in certain qualifying small and medium sized trading companies (“SMEs”). Our dedicated EII Scheme department has over 25 years experience in providing specific BES/EII Scheme tax advice.

We offer advice in relating to the following:

  • Structures to ensure that the company qualifies for the EII Scheme;
  • Specific terms of the EII Scheme investment (in particular the share structure and the specific rights attaching to the EII Scheme Shares);
  • Specific aspects of the EII Scheme legislation in order to avoid a claw-back of tax relief for investors;
  • Exit/buy-back structure to ensure that the company complies with the EII Scheme legislation; and
  • Company Secretarial requirements.

We can assist on the following:

  • Preparation of the Information Memorandum, including summary of EII Scheme legislation;
  • Introduction to and liaising with Legal Advisors that specialise in the EII Scheme legislation;
  • Obtaining the tax relief certificates for investors; and
  • Monitoring and financial review of the company for the investors.

Our team has provided BES/EII Scheme advice on investment and exit mechanisms to over 180 companies during the last 25 years. We provide a first class professional service, dealing with all aspects of the EII Scheme.