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We are at the intersection of Strategy, People, and Technology tailored to your success. We are business people first and consultants second.

Business as usual, better than usual.

From Ambition to Action Plans.

We deliver clarity that engages teams and stakeholders.

Strategic Clarity

Collaborate on actionable strategies tailored to your context. From Ambition to Action Plans, we deliver clarity that engages teams and stakeholders. 

Targeted Organisation Design

Align capabilities, culture, and processes with your vision. Our methodology creates models for success, whether it's full-scale or specific units.

Efficient Transformation

Navigate digital shifts and process overhauls with us. Our blend of project and change management ensures seamless transformation

When a new CEO takes on the role one of their first tasks is to define their Aspirations for the business and everyone is waiting...

Simply understanding the elements of an aspiration is key to success for the CEO.

Our Solutions:

  • Board Ambition workshops to get their input up front
  • Mission/Purpose reviews to understand if change is required
  • Storytelling workshops to unearth the true identity of the organisation
  • Vision workshops to develop a vivid description of the future
  • Values definition that resonate with all employees


By the end of the aspiration setting companies will have:

  • Clear input from the Board on their ambition for the company which can be used as a lens for strategy development
  • Mission or Purpose reviewed to understand if this needs to change
  • The true identity of the firm discussed to ensure the heritage is not lost and traditions are maintained and brought forward
  • Clear vision for the company detailing vividly what this looks like across multiple elements (Finance, Customers, Operations, HR, IT, Culture) including what goals will be achieved
  • A set of values defined that lays the foundations for the culture of the organisation and a process outlined for how these can be communicated and delivered. 

Who Do We Work With?

  • Board members
  • New CEOs or those wanting to transform the company
  • Executive team members who want to bring clarity to the aspirations of the company

Uprooting mindsets, aligning aspirations and behaviours allows the undiscussable to become discussable. 

We have also developed a unique method for supporting Executive Teams in developing their aspirations for the business. 

Our Solutions:

  • Executive Ambition workshops to bring the head and heart of the Executive team to the table
  • Vision workshops to develop a vivid description of the future and goals to be achieved
  • Leadership behaviour workshops and intervention development


By the end of the process companies will be able to:

  • Clarity on each Executive team member basic taken for granted, shared view of the business and its environment and of the scope of strategic management
  • Clear ambition from the Executive Team and what they want from the strategy for themselves personally and the company
  • Clear vision for the company detailing vividly what this looks like across multiple elements (Finance, Customers, Operations, HR, IT, Culture) including what goals will be achieved
  • Change readiness assessment with the executive Team and clarity on where each of their heads are at, are they up for the challenge
  • Evaluation of the current Leadership behaviours and a set of interventions designed to change behaviour.

Who We Work With:

  • CEOs wanting to understand their Executive Team and get everyone on the same page
  • Executive team members who want to bring all functions together and discuss Leadership behaviours

Strategy is all about challenging the orthodoxies and pushing the thinking to generate a competitive strategy. 

At BDO Eaton Square we have developed a unique strategy process that facilitates our clients through the process, driving towards a winning competitive strategy that most importantly can be implemented. 

Our Solutions:

  • Identification of the Strategic issues and questions
  • Situational analysis across Industry, Market,Competitor, Customer, Stakeholders and Internal ops
  • Insight generation workshops and SWOT development
  • Strategy development and scenario analysis
  • Strategy communications and ownership throughout the business
  • Storytelling development to lead communications


By the end of the process companies will have:

  • Clarity on what are the big strategic questions for the business
  • Vision defined and aligned by the Board and Executive Team
  • Deep internal and external research into the Industry, Market, Competitor, Customer and Internal operations
  • Identification of all insights form the research stage and development of strengths, weaknesses, Threats and opportunities
  • Validated and aligned strategic options developed from SWOTS
  • An aligned coalition of support for the developed strategy across the entire business as everyone will have been part of the process
  • Internal and external stakeholder engagement with a clear story of the strategy and how it will be communicated internally and externally

Who We Work With

  • CEOs wanting to transform the company and develop a competitive strategy
  • Executive Team members who have responsibility for strategy development
  • Agency CEO’s looking to develop an industry strategy, with the input of key stakeholders

Companies generally fail at Strategy implementation because they lack an overarching management system.  At BDO Eaton Square, 99% of our projects are strategy related and we have developed a management system
to allow companies govern, report and implement their strategies. We don’t tell you its red, we help you get it

Our Solutions:

  • Implementation programme design and project identification and definition
  • Project planning and 10-day PMO set up
  • Project management and experienced resource deployment across strategic project
  • Steering group and leadership direction
  • Office of strategic implementation established


By the end of a successful strategy implementation project, companies will have:

  • Generated all project plans and deliverables - monitored and managed to PMBOK standards
  • Set up a PMO or office of strategic implementation to govern strategy implementation
  • Have a governance system in place that manages the implementation and communicates to Senior Stakeholders
  • Responsibility and accountability across the business for strategy delivery
  • Have dedicated experienced resources to deliver vital parts of the project alongside internal staff

Who We Work With:

  • Organisations that want their strategy implemented successfully and smoothly
  • CEO’s that want a strategy implemented at an accelerated rate without sacrificing quality of delivery

To successfully delivery a strategy, it must be broken into projects, owners assigned, and a governance
system of accountability established. 

Over a 6 weeks process we understand and break the strategy down into different parts and projects that sit with the different business or across the organisation.  We assign ownership, define deliverables and agree

Our Solutions:

  • Strategy deliverables allocation and roadmap for delivery agreed
  • Cross company project identification and ownership
  • Project planning with deliverable and milestone agreement
  • Deliverable allocation & ownership
  • PMO Set up


By the end of a successful strategy mobilisation companies will have:

  • Clarity and visibility on how the strategy and its published initiatives will be implemented
  • Standards of project and programme management introduced
  • All strategy deliverables and enablers planned, assigned and owned throughout the business
  • Deliverables, milestones and roadmap for strategy implementation
  • PMO set up and clear structured model in place for monitoring of the implementation and clear reporting to the executive team and the board
  • Emerging Risks and Issues identified, tracked and monitored

Who We Work With:

  • CEOs with a strategy and trying to get it implemented
  • Strategy Directors who have ownership for strategy mobilisation and implementation
  • Executive Teams that have just developed a new strategy and need assistance to get it off the ground
  • Organisation’s that need their strategy set up urgently


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