Pre and Post M&A Advisory Studies

While it may have taken months or even years just to agree a deal to buy a business, often buying the business turns out to be the easy part. Research shows that every year the majority of mergers and acquisitions fail to deliver their intended performance and fail to add value for the merging or acquiring organisations.

Our Consulting team, in tandem with other specialist groups within the firm, can advise and assist the acquiring company across the entire merger & acquisition (M&A) process. In the pre-acquisition phase, the focus is on paving the way for the smooth passage of the acquisition and making sure nothing derails the process. In the post phase, the focus is on cementing in the acquired entity and developing the business and operational plan, to take the new entity forward over the next three to five years.

In some instances, we have also acted as change agents to identify, communicate and implement parent company policies within their newly acquired subsidiary companies.

Our Pre and Post M&A Advisory Services include:
  • Pre-merger and post-merger planning
  • Organisational change management
  • Organisational change management
  • Medium and long-term business planning
  • Integration of management teams and systems
  • Working with sales and distribution forces examining new product ranges
  • Developing communication plans
  • Integrating images, brands and other intangible resources
  • Advice on potential acquisition targets and the potential for market consolidation.