Specialist Consulting

Specialist Consulting

BDO Consulting represents a dedicated Management Consulting division within BDO Ireland.

We are a team of specialist management consultants guiding a variety of businesses. These can range from entrepreneurial owner-managed companies to public authorities and representative bodies. We offer tailored advice to suit diverse needs in numerous industries. 

Our clients appreciate our different approach from the typical consulting firm.


We know consulting isn't about weighty reports that gather dust; so do our clients. We identify and implement practical solutions that address both current and future needs of our client businesses.


We often work in multi-functional teams. We tap into our in-house tax, wealth management, or corporate finance experts. Our clients also benefit from our global network. Overall, we ensure a seamless and comprehensive business advisory experience.


We adopt a flexible approach to meeting your specific needs. Our team is consistent in the dedication, professionalism, and ambition we share with our customers.


Strategic & Business Planning

At BDO Consulting, we assist your firm in achieving lasting changes through strategic planning. You'll receive practical advice on avoiding the most common planning pitfalls. Additionally, we can support you in overcoming any strategic issues crucial for your business's future growth and development.
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M&A Advisory

Our Consulting team, in tandem with other specialist groups within the firm, can advise and assist the acquiring company across the entire merger & acquisition (M&A) process.
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Operational Efficiency

BDO Specialist Consulting team can help you enhance business performance and make informed strategic moves. Gain insights into your operations, discover opportunities for improvement, and align your strategies with your goals. Moreover, ensure the success of your investments and expansions through comprehensive analysis that minimise risks and maximise returns. 

Not every business operates at 100% capacity, 100% of the time. Periodically every business can benefit from an independent opinion on what the organisation is doing well, what it could do better and what may be needed to get the business back on track. Perhaps your internal structures no longer suit the business or your current business structure no longer fits the market. Equally it may appear that costs have spiralled, that competitor's revenues appear to be out-stripping your own or that as an organisation you are having difficulty realising your mandate. Whatever the reason, our consulting team are here to help by reviewing the operational and cost effectiveness of your business. Our experience has shown that once the initial difficult decision has been made to engage consultants, the review has often proved to be a profitable and beneficial exercise for all involved. We approach these assignments by working with your internal teams to ensure the development of realistic and inclusive solutions which have wide support across your organisation.

Our operational & cost effectiveness reviews include:

  • Organisational structures review
  • Operational improvement
  • Business and personnel performance reviews
  • Strategic benchmarking
  • Business process restructuring
  • Customer acquisition and retention strategies
  • Management structures and leadership reviews

No firm should undertake a large investment or major expansion without a clear understanding of the risks, costs and revenues involved. While some firms may have the in-house skills and experience to prepare this analysis, others find the assistance of a third party invaluable in developing and checking the market assumptions that support a business plan. Our consulting team have extensive experience in evaluating and providing economic and project feasibility analysis for clients both in the private and public sectors.

A particular feature of our firm's expertise is our long involvement with projects in thetourism and hospitality sector. Examples of previous assignments include an industry-wide study of one sector of the Irish tourism industry, private feasibility studies for hotel and leisure developments and due diligence work for potential investors in a variety of businesses. Over the last number of years we have broadened our services and expertise in this area and are now equipped to carry out assignments across all sectors and sizes of projects.

Our feasibility studies and market research services include:

  • Economic analysis and project feasibility
  • Large-scale best use studies
  • Market analysis and market structures reviews
  • Modelling of projected demand (for new product and services)
  • Stakeholder consultation and engagement
  • Capital requirements projections & operational costing scenarios
  • Options appraisal and due diligence
  • Competitor intelligence


Sectoral & Industry Reviews

Benefit from our strategically located offices across Ireland, Northern Ireland, and associate offices worldwide. This ideal positioning allows us to apply our research and analytical techniques effectively. You'll experience significant gains, particularly during extensive industry or sector reviews that often signal major industry shifts.
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Project Management

Planning is the easy part; the real challenge lies in execution. Projects stumble due to undefined success measures, vague risk insights, or a lack of understanding of the scope involved. Our consulting team helps navigate these obstacles. Whether guiding you from idea to execution or stepping in post-approval, we ensure your projects stay on track, on time, and within budget.
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Corporate Strategy 

Discover growth opportunities and governance strength with our expert team. We use a tailored approach to ensure strategic financial planning, profit optimisation, and sourcing the right finance. Let's drive your projects towards success with financial precision and a solid governance foundation.

Your project is going to work. You feel it in your bones. But how do you convince everyone else? Our Consulting team can conduct the detailed scenario analysis and financial modelling that your investors, bankers and board of Directors will expect to see in relation to major investments or developments. We support this by advising on the nature and possible sources of finance that can be accessed, as well as helping you source this finance. Financial planning and analysis can be useful for much more than just an indication of where a business is going. Like a blood-test, targeted financial modelling will identify and isolate the underlying problems in an organisation and will help to identify the remedy that’s called for.

Our Strategic Financial Planning Services include:

  • Strategic financial planning
  • Detailed business proposal appraisal
  • Financial analysis and financial modelling
  • Profit improvement and control
  • Financial modelling & financial projections
  • Assistance with sourcing project finance
  • Assistance with sourcing research funding

WorldCom, Enron, Barings. Their names are infamous but in passing they have ushered in a new era of strict enforcement in the area of Corporate Governance. In this current environment, all firms regardless of size, are increasingly expected to observe best practice in corporate governance and as developments in this area are moving quickly, so too are the demands that this places on firms has increased exponentially. Whether you are a member of management confronted with these new duties, or a Director/Board member confronted with new responsibilities, we can help you make good corporate governance a reality. Our Consulting team, in partnership with other specialist teams within BDO, can help you integrate proven principles of good governance into your business and do so in a way that contributes to the bottom-line.

Our Corporate Governance Advisory Services include:

  • Advising the organisation on
    • Policies & procedures development
    • Committee structures
    • Operation of Audit and Compensation Committees
  • Advising Board Members directly (Exec/Non-Exec) on responsibilities & exposures
  • Strategy and Corporate Governance
    • Linking corporate governance to strategic goals
  • Regulatory Compliance
    • Advice on a structured approach to securing compliance
    • Run compliance projects