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The workforce today is more diverse, dynamic, and disperse. It demands flexibility and fast action. To navigate this complexity, your HR system must be as agile and comprehensive as your team. Sage People, powered by the robust Salesforce platform, is a global cloud-based HR solution that brings HR, talent management, analytics, and automation under one seamless interface.

BDO Ireland is an official implementation Partner for Sage People, ready to help streamline your HR processes and support your team's growth.


Why choose BDO as your implementation partner?

At BDO we are business outcome-driven and tailor our consultative approach to your needs, focusing on delivering the best outcomes. We offer comprehensive end-to-end implementation services tailored to both local and international businesses. From assessment to delivery, our experts prioritise a smooth adoption process, ensuring that Sage People delivers immediate value. With BDO, you benefit from our proven expertise and practical implementation experience, tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

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Understanding Sage People software can help your people and organisation to reach full potential. Unfold the following menus to learn more. 

Sage People is a global HR and people system designed for the agility and flexibility required by mid-sized, multinational organisations. 

From talent acquisition to performance management, Sage People automates and enhances every aspect of your HR processes. 

With its global cloud HR platform, Sage People supports new ways of working, delivers actionable insights through advanced analytics, and ensures compliance across jurisdictions, all while providing an engaging and inclusive experience for your employees.

In the fast-paced world of HR, real-time data and insights are invaluable. Sage People leverages the power of real-time analytics to offer HR teams and managers immediate access to workforce data, enabling timely decision-making. This real-time advantage ensures that your HR strategies and actions are based on the latest information, allowing for agile responses to changes in the workforce and industry trends. With Sage People, you can monitor the pulse of your organisation, capture changing employee sentiment, and strengthen strategic and operational intelligence for critical business decisions.

This global cloud HR platform has a flexible system with some of the most complete features on the market:

  • HR and People Analytics
  • Talent acquisition
  • People management
  • Attendance and leave management
  • Payroll, compensation, and benefits
  • Performance and talent management
  • Workforce experience management

Sage People is specifically engineered for mid-sized organisations and growing enterprises, typically ranging from 200 to 5000 employees. This scalable HR solution is ideal for companies across various industries — from technology and manufacturing to retail and non-profit — who require a comprehensive, global HR management system. It addresses the needs of businesses facing challenges such as managing a dispersed workforce, navigating complex global compliance requirements, and needing to streamline HR processes while providing a consistent and engaging employee experience across all regions.

Organisations that will benefit the most from Sage People are those in search of a system that can support diverse and multi-language teams, offer detailed analytics for strategic decision-making, and provide flexibility in talent management to adapt to the rapidly changing global workforce landscape. Additionally, companies looking to automate HR tasks to focus more on strategic initiatives, such as workforce planning, talent retention, and employee engagement, will find Sage People to be an invaluable tool. Whether your company is expanding globally or striving for efficiency in HR operations within a single country, Sage People delivers a robust solution tailored to meet these complex HR challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sage People distinguishes itself with its global cloud HR platform, built on Salesforce. It offers flexibility, scalability, and comprehensive HR functionalities for mid-sized and growing businesses. It automates key HR processes, provides actionable insights through advanced analytics, and supports new ways of working, making it an essential tool for businesses aiming for growth and efficiency in their HR operations.

Choosing BDO for Sage People implementation means partnering with a team that brings a wealth of experience in HR system deployments, backed by a deep understanding of tax, advisory, audit, and consulting. BDO's approach is client-centric, offering personalised implementation plans, strategic integration services, and dedicated support to ensure your transition to Sage People is smooth, effective, and tailored to your business needs.

Sage People is designed for mid-sized to large organisations looking for a comprehensive, scalable HR solution that can adapt to global complexities. If your business requires a system that supports diverse and distributed teams, ensures compliance across different geographies, and provides real-time insights into its workforce, Sage People is likely a good fit. If in doubt, make sure to contact our experts, always happy to assess and recommend the best option for your business.

Sage People's architecture allows for flexible and scalable HR management, enabling businesses to configure and extend the system according to evolving requirements. Its modular design means you can start with core HR functions and add capabilities like talent management or analytics as your business grows, ensuring the system continues to meet your needs without overcomplicating your processes.

With BDO's experienced implementation team, businesses can expect to see Sage People up and running effectively within a timeframe proportional to their organisation's complexity and specific needs. Our methodical approach ensures that from the initial planning and configuration to the final training and go-live stages, each phase is executed with precision, aiming for minimal disruption and maximum value from Day 1.

To plan effectively, it's important to consider the key factors that impact the implementation timeline, like:

  • Company size & structure
  • Complexity of Data Conversion
  • State of Data Cleanliness
  • System Configuration requirements
  • Employee training and System adoption
  • Technical integration complexity
  • Testing and resolving issues
  • Project Management and communication efficiency

BDO's Sage People implementation process is structured around clear stages, each designed to ensure thoroughness and alignment with your business goals. 

  • Initially, we engage in planning and discovery to understand your specific needs. 
  • Following this, we move into the configuration and customisation phase, tailoring Sage People to fit your operational requirements. 
  • Next, we focus on data migration and system integrations, ensuring seamless connectivity with your existing infrastructure. 
  • Training and user adoption are critical next steps, where we empower your team to leverage Sage People effectively. 
  • Finally, we provide ongoing support and optimisation services, ensuring your HR system continues to deliver value and adapt to your business's evolving needs.
BDO were instrumental in the seamless implementation [of Sage People], with knowledge sharing and valuable discovery sessions. That allowed my team to really understand the system and its capabilities. BDO really helped us to keep up to date, on time, and within budget. BDO have a great partnership with Sage and were able to offer guidance and support post-delivery to ensure we were getting the most out of our new system. We've had a very positive end-to-end experience with BDO and are very happy with the ongoing benefits of our new Sage People platform.

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